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Statement footwear - high rise boots

High rise boots made their come back in numerous designers collections of 2017 and they are still in trend.

Of course, it’s not for ladies who don’t like being noticed. With this boots you will, for sure, be in the center of attention. But how to wear them, as not to look vulgar? All depends on how you style it 😉, and here are my tips for you:

-firstly, wear them with simple pieces, that express more casual than dramatic style;

- if you don’t feel confident to wear these boots with mini skirt, try them with midi length skirt or with slim trousers, adding a long coat or a trench;

- opt for the style that is not too tight or not to long, these type of boots look less chocking 😆;

- start with kitten heeled or flat ones, choose a nice pair of comfortable and stylish boots 😉;

- if you are not too tall, keep the colors coherent to the boots’ color, creating monochromatic look, so that it doesn’t cut your silhouette, and make you look disproportionally short.

Here you go...Ready for the challenge with these statement boots?

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