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Coaching and Makeover

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Style Coaching

Complete Makeover

Streamlining your style to reflect your individuality is an invaluable investment, but more importantly, what makes it meaningful is the expression of your inner beauty. That’s the secret of long-lasting success, since the outer beauty is often the reflection of the inner world. This complete “makeover” service is all about developing the style attitude, as in my philosophy of Positive Styling nice clothes do not work right if they are not worn with self-confidence. We have a power of enhancing the clothes that we wear and not the other way around! Style Coaching is the only offering that includes all the services that you may find in my service catalogue, adding here the key elements of success, that are the goal setting and action plan execution. Get in touch today and let’s start that exciting journey to brand New YOU without delay.

Natural Beauty

3D Style Analysis

Mini-budget solution

Are you lost in styling terminology and don’t know what to choose to enhance your look? In most of the cases it’s enough to make the 3-dimensional style diagnostic to get through it. This is made of Body Shape, Style Personality and Colour Analysis, that serve as a base for every “makeover” project. Within one hour you will learn how to choose the cloths and colours that correspond to your morphology, style personality and the tone of your skin and hair. This is a good way to get a quick styling assistance for a small budget and within short period of time.

Colorful yarn

Colour Therapy

Mini-budget solution

Have a look at your closet. What do you see from a first glance? No colour diversity? Well…that’s a pretty common pattern for the majority of busy women, since using colours seems to be complicated and often perceived as a daring choice. What if I tell you, that colours have a magical power of rendering you younger, brighter and even happier? Colour Therapy is tailor-made service for women of all tastes and occupations. It is made to help you to discover the colours that work the best for you, to show you how they can be used in combination with your existing wardrobe, revolving around your personal preferences and your lifestyle.Sounds intersting? Make your enquiry today to get more details on this service, full of positive vibes and energy!

Coaching & Makeover: Coaching & Makeover Services

Professional styling

Image Advisory

Everyday we have an opportunity to define who we are going to be, how we will present ourselves to the world, and in turn how the world will react to us. In professional environment the competition is harsh and often women have much more to prove to succeed. No matter the time or place, you should feel good about how you present yourself to others. This service is specially made for professional ladies at all levels. It includes goal coaching, grooming advisory and personal styling, based on individual 3 dimensional analysis. Get in touch with me now and let's make the most out of it!

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