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What my clients say about me

Fashion Advisory: My Services

Violetta, Luxembourg

Services used: 3D style analysis, personal shopping and styling for photo shooting.


I wish I had met Zhanna many more years ago. I would not have spent so many years avoiding beautiful, vibrant colours that actually work wonderfully for me. I would have also saved a tonne of time getting ready every day or while shopping. Because now I know exactly what works best for me, my body and colour type, as well as my personality and style. This was a true game changer, mood and confidence booster and, very importantly, time saver to top it all.

I deeply admire Zhanna's exceptional mix of hard and soft skills: she truly masters the finesse of personal styling. I am still in awe of how during a short shopping trip she managed to quickly sense my personality, style and, importantly, lifestyle, selecting the clothing items that fit me so tremendously well.


Zhanna's great sense of style, extensive experience, sense of humour and professionalism in everything she does has made this journey of discovering my new style an absolute joy!


Marina, Luxembourg/Dubai

Services used: Wardrobe screening, accompanying for personal shopping and styling for photo shooting.


We worked with Zhanna on building my professional image of successful entrepreneur, life coach and mother of three. In addition to body, color and style analysis,  Zhanna carefully studied my personality, life style as well as my individual requirements and style preferences. She has helped me with wardrobe review, giving valuable styling tips and accompanied me for a in-store shopping to complete my summer wardrobe with fashionable garments. That shopping was such a fun and so efficient in terms of budget and the quality of clothes! I couldn’t ask for more!

What I really appreciate about Zhanna is her capability of seeing people through, knowing how to add that little twist to make you look at your best! I wouldn’t bother much about fashion before, but Zhanna revealed in me the desire of dressing stylishly, paying more attention on what is enhancing and what represents my real self. This was specifically noticed, when we were preparing looks for my photo shooting. Zhanna has built to a minor detail of accessories and shoes, each and every look, that were to show different situations of life (professional, funny, mummy, sporty etc), staying within my style preferences and all reflecting true me.

Zhanna is incredibly professional stylist, warm and open person to talk to, she is very approachable and makes you feel at your ease. My experience with her was an absolute fun and pleasure!  

Christine, Luxembourg

Services used: Styling consultation, collection fall/winter 2021/2022 -capsules, Look Book, and personal shopping


When I turned 40, I wanted to be at my best. This involves many aspects of life, and one of them is the way I look: that’s where I asked for Zhanna’s advice as a professional in the fashion styling. Once I had found Zhanna online and contacted her, things moved fast and the process turned out to be better, and so much more fun, than I even imagined! Zhanna is very professional, so working with her is incredibly efficient. At the same time, she really listens carefully to understand and meet your personal goals. The result is beautiful!

Before, I lost a lot of time just looking at my wardrobe and not knowing what to wear. After working with Zhanna, it now takes me less than a minute to find the perfect outfit for the day (that is: for every day, for every occasion). The joy I found again in shopping & dressing-up is priceless.

Zhanna’s styling advice is probably valuable to everyone, and it is especially valuable if you have been (or are) going through a major change in your life, like a job change, moving to another country, a change in family status … If I had the possibility to work with Zhanna again, I would immediately do so. With Zhanna, you’re in excellent hands!

Therese, Sweden

Styling services (provided remotely) : Creation of Summer, Autumn 2021 and Winter 2021/2022 collections – capsules, Look books, on-line shopping selection for each collection.


I’ve initially contacted Zhanna with request to create few capsules for me, since I had to move back to Sweden and thought to rebuild my wardrobe from scratch, adding “wow” element to my everyday look and staying comfortable at the same time. So the work had to be handled remotely. I wasn’t sure how Zhanna worked and what would have been the outcome but knowing Zhanna’s personality from past (we worked in the same company) and always admiring her elegant style, I knew I wanted her to be my stylist. After having learnt about my styling needs and particular preferences, very quickly Zhanna sent me the complete summer collection (3 capsules + look book+ shopping list), that has exceeded my expectations! I, obviously, asked her to build my autumn and winter collections afterwards, that have been handled very professionally too, letting me discover new brands and styles, affordable garments of a good quality, that are always a challenge to find.

Zhanna has done an incredible work of understanding my needs and, more importantly, my goals, taking the whole process with patience and flexibility. Zhanna’s work wasn’t simply a beautiful digital collection, it has helped me achieving my personal goals through styling, that led to a complete transformation of outer and inner self. In addition it's much easier to get dressed now when I have the look books, and I can be sure, that I look stylish. I can clearly say, this is one of the best investments that you can do in yourself and Zhanna is the fashion expert, who you can trust 100%! 

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