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Add a twist with masculin blazer

Even very feminine girls sometimes take masculin clothes and adopt to their wardrobe 😉. Yes, that the spirit of trends nowadays! If you wonder how to do it without looking boyish, here are my tips for you.

1. Add girly accessories and elegant shoes

2. Play with bright color mixes

3. Wear it as outwear with a very girly dress, skirt ( e.g. pleates, tulle) or a silk blouse.

4. Mix it with mini, sporty leggings or shorts.

5. If you have defined waist a large belt on top will stress your girly silhouette.

6. Combine it with leather (pants, skirts, shorts) that men usually don't wear :-).

7. Funny, colorful and fantasy tights are the best way to make the statement with masculine blazer.

8. Girly hatbands or scarfs add a beautiful touch to any tough look.

Sounds good but you don't know where from to start? Check out my IG post for inspiration and styling ideas :-).

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