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Clothing Swap: Mother and Daughter

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Wearing mummy’s clothes – who has never done it? We all did! If not clothes, then at least, mom’s accessories we tried to use for sure! Nowadays, when past fashion trends come back and can be mixed all together in one outfit, daughters are still curious about vintage pieces that they can find in their mothers’ wardrobes. However, compared to past, one thing that we are free to try today, is to go the other way around and experiment with pieces that we can borrow from our daughters. I absolutely encourage you to do that, since it will give you a trendy touch, make you look younger, and, in addition, is a fantastic way to optimize your wardrobe in terms of space and money! You don’t know where to start? Here are my wardrobe sharing tips for you:

Tip 1. Start with one piece. Take a look at your daughter’s wardrobe. Is there one thing that you would wear comfortably? If you are lucky enough to wear same size for the bottom, then why not to grab your daughter’s jeans, preferably of mum or straight cut? Sizes are different? No worries, start from the top, considering sweatshirts, t- shirts or over-shirts.

Tip 2. Mixing styles. No matter the piece that you would share with your daughter, stick to your style personality. If you have artistic or natural style, then using your daughter’s t-shirts and jeans would be fairly easy, but if your style is rather classic, then try to opt for something that you can wear oversized, for example, a sweatshirt and combine it with your classic outwear, ether a trench or a coat.

Tip 3. Knitwear. As a matter of fact, the most universal pieces of our wardrobes are the knits. Pullovers, cardigans, knit dresses and vests are all good for sharing. The only thing that is worthy to consider - the color. When it comes to tops the color should work good for you both. Otherwise, go for neutrals or combine with accessories or outwear of enhancing color. For example a neutral knit dress, works perfectly as a wardrobe basic for winter. Meaning, try to share one knit dress for both, where daughter may wear it with leggings, chunky boots and padded jacket and mother – with classic boots and wrap coat of enhancing color.

Tip 4. Layering is not only trendy but also very practical for winter. In reality, the teenagers and Generation Z use layering extensively, and once you’ll start using your daughter’s wardrobe, borrowing few pieces from her, you’ll adopt layering technique automatically. Let’s say a knit vest, that your daughter wears with short skirts or jeans on top of a turtleneck or a t-shirt (depending on weather), you can easily try on top of a dress or wear it with your classic jeans or elegant pleat skirt. The key to a successful look in this case is the coherence of proportions and color combinations. It will look eye catching or harmoniously balanced, anything but boring!

Tip 5. Sharing accessories. You are not feeling comfortable with any piece of your daughter’s wardrobe or you two have different sizes? Try to share, then, accessories. Head-wear, scarves, gloves and even jewellery are easy to share and will add a trendy touch to your look. If you can’t borrow your daughter’s shoes because of size difference, then buy one pair of sporty sneakers or chunky boots for you and try to wear them even with your usual outfit from time to time, e.g. when going shopping or during weekends. I’m convinced you’ll like this fashionable touch, feeling comfortable and younger in your new style!

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