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Wearing colors with confidence

Sun is back! We are all in the mood of bringing positive changes to our lives and our wardrobes. The best and, probably, the easiest way of doing that, is adding colors to your daily looks, and not just wearing them occasionally.Here are my tips for wearing color with confidence:

Tip 1. Discover your enhancing colors. We can wear all the colors, that we love, however certain colors make us look just fantastic! These are the enhancing colors, that have to stay close to our face, and others can be used either for accessories or for the bottoms (e.g. trousers, skirts or shorts). To discover your color type, do not hesitate booking Color Therapy or 3D Analysis styling session with me, however, in order to be able to add colors in your wardrobe, it would be enough to know whether you are of a “warm” or of a “cold” color type person.

Tip 2. Opt for monochromatic look. Wearing monochrome (total one color) outfit, is not only easy but also fashionable. Here, you are free to decide, whether you want to go for one-piece outfit, such as dress or a jumpsuit, or wear all separates of same color, included accessories. However, for more interesting effect try to mix different materials and shades of the same color, or use accessories of a neutral or other color, that look good with your monochrome look.

Tip 3. Using bright pastels. Surprisingly, when we talk about colors, we often mean flashy ones. In reality, not all the skin types can wear intense colors, and, indeed, bright pastels can have a stunning effect too. This is also a great way for starting wearing colors, if you have never tried it before. Moreover, we don’t necessarily want to be in the center of attention every day, and that’s, when the pastels can help us looking good and stylish, as certain shades like pastel green, light blue or pink are, specifically, very trendy nowadays.

Tip 4. Colorful prints. Colorful patterns and flower prints are a fantastic for summer! The advantage of prints is in effortless creation of color mix effect. You don’t even need to worry about how to combine colors, just go for a dress or top with colorful prints and adopt the rest of the outfit to the color that dominates in the print. That’s it! If you are new to experimenting with colors, try not to mix patterns for the beginning, go for one piece with colorful patterns and keep the rest in the range of one-two tones.

Tip 5. One enhancing color for the start. You are not feeling comfortable with color mixing? Opt for a look with one enhancing color and combine it with basic colors, such as white, black, beige, grey, brown or navy blue. Even if you don’t keep the colorful piece close to your face, it will still make its “color therapy” effect and make you standout immediately, especially if it relates to accessories such as a fancy purse or a nice pair of colorful shoes.

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