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The art of layering

Layering is not only fashionable but also very practical especially when it’s cold and rainy.

I call it the "art of layering", since I consider this process creative and to me it's not only about being covered but also looking stylish and confident. So, how to do this fashionably? Here are my personal tips for successful look with layers😉:

Tip 1. Keep the proportions right - whichever is your personal style preference, most importantly create a look that enhances and works good for your body shape. For example, if you are not slim or have a big breast, avoid adding unnecessary volumes on the top. In this case it’s preferable to use jackets, cardigans or blazers of longer length and thin, not very voluminous;

Tip 2. Use contrasts or colors that work good together. For example first layer of a light color, then darker and then in coherence with the outwear, meaning slightly different shade but of close color tone. This can make you look linear and harmonious in terms of colors.

Tip 3. Try to use materials that go well together and generally are wearable for the same season. Because the layering is already a good way for creating a relief, there is no need of adding sophistication through different materials and styles.

Indeed, it' a real fun mixing and matching garments. Since, the cold seasons are not commonly favourite ones, we can find something positive in those too. Try to experiment with layering, using my tips, and I'm sure, you will start enjoying this process too ;-).

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