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Monochromatic look - bold or boring?

Hello girls,

Today I'm going to talk about one of my most favourite trends, that I, somehow, started using often, and can't get enough of it. Yes, that's the monochrome - a set composed of the pieces of the same colour or of different shades of one colour. For my biggest pleasure, monochrome is trending this season more than ever before. Isn't it great to make a fashionable outfit without overthinking about the colour combination? Indeed, it saves time for those who find the colour matching to be a difficult task, but, the tricky part with monochromatic outfit is that it can easily fall into the category of "boring". That's the exact thing that we can avoid, if we follow few rules of fashion styling. With experience I've worked out my personal tips, that I'm going to share with you, so...let's get started:

  1. Firstly and, most importantly, choose the colour that enhances you. You might already know by practice your flattering colours. So, the simplest way of doing it, is to get some information about fashionable colours of the season and pick the ones that work good for you. If, however, you would like to go for a professional colour analysis, just drop me a quick e-mail to catch up for a Colour Therapy session (one of my mini-budget services proposed in my Service Catalogue, in Coaching section).

  2. If not all, at least one key item of your outfit should be trendy. Investing into fashionable pieces is an important aspect of a trendy look, but often it's enough to invest into one or two edgy items to get a stanning result.

  3. If possible, chose slightly different shades of items, or even better, add one or two piece(s) with prints, staying within similar colour shades. Adding prints to monochrome is daring, but can make you look so unique!

  4. Go for different fabrics and textures, this adds a nice relief to the look and makes it more comprehensive from the first glance.

  5. Accessorise your outfit with bold and fashionable pieces. No matter how trendy your clothes are, your outfit will not look fashionable, without stylish accessories. I would even suggest considering the bag or/and shoes of a different colour, however matching with the main monochrome look. This can break the monotony and put forward your stylish accessories.

One more thing, that I love about monochrome, and works good for ladies of average height (up to 1,70sm), is, that it makes me look so much taller! Of course, there is a solution for all, so if tall ladies want to wear monochrome without visually adding few more centimeters , that's totally, possible too, just make sure you add horizontal lines cutting your silhouette, such as belts and shoes of different colour.

Fashion is a game, play and experiment for your pleasure . Try up my tips, get some inspiration on my Instagram account and, if any style assistance needed, just let me know. I'll be happy to work it out for you, pulling off your tailor-made and unique monochromatic look!

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1 Comment

Dec 15, 2019

Nice summary ❤️

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